Hydroelectric Generator – Become Energy Independent

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Energy By WaterAs demand for energy has risen worldwide so has the cost. It is getting to the point where many people (myself included) are now being forced to decide between paying for energy and paying for other necessities such as food and shelter.

But how can we produce electrical energy inexpensively and something we can build ourselves without big government getting in the way. Energy by Water is a step-by-step eBook that gives you a blueprint on how to build your own micro hydroelectric generator.

For me, building my own green energy producing machine was a no brainer. The idea of not having an electric bill was so appealing that I jumped at the chance of getting “off-the-grid”.

All of the research I did lead me to three options: solar panels, wind turbines or micro hydro generators and micro hydro was just to expensive. For my electrical needs (my wife’s actually) I needed an acre of solar panels and wind turbines (when the sun wasn’t shining). This is due to the inefficacy of solar power. That was not realistic, at least not on my budget. And all of the pre-built hydro generating systems were WAY out of my budget, plus I needed a running water source to operate them.

With the Energy by Water step-by-step process you can build your own micro hydro system within a budget with no constant flowing source of water. You can produce electricity in your very own home without having to pay a single dine to anyone. And you don’t need any specialized knowledge or mechanical experience.

Energy by Water has a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. So if it doesn’t work for you, just contact them and get your money back. Win, win?

I hope this short review has helped you in some way. I truly believe that small hydroelectric generator are the wave of the future.

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A DIY Micro Hydro Generator

Although hydro power technology had been developed quite a long time ago, it has taken years to get something that is cost-effective. Energy By Water is one of the innovations. Hydroelectric generation has come a long way since its inception. Modern researches have shaped huge hydro power systems into small portable solutions. The system has become much more convenient than its predecessors.

The first application of the hydroelectric generator was implemented in the United States. The technique then became popular around the world, with Canada being nearly exclusively hydroelectric energy. Today, you will find hundreds of such facilities around the globe. The largest hydro power system is deployed at Three Gorges Dam in China and it produces about 20,300MW of electricity.

So why Energy by Water? It’s a do it yourself way of creating hydro energy. If you’re like me and are looking for self-sufficiency, then a DIY micro hydro system is perfect. And since the system is built by you, you will be able to “tweak” the hydroelectric generation to fit your needs.

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Hydroelectric Generator – The World of Green Energy

So in today’s world it seems like everything is becoming more and more uncertain, especially when it come to bills; particularly electric bills. Solar panels are expensive in both upfront cost and maintenance same with wind turbines. And the best way to get the most out of these two systems is to use them in conjunction with each other. That is not so with a hydroelectric generator.

What I thought was that hydroelectric power was something that only government’s can produce. I mean, don’t you need a constant flowing water source to power a hydroelectric generator. Even in a micro hydro system you need access to a stream that doesn’t freeze in the winter.  Not if you do it yourself with Energy by Water.

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